Is there a minimum time that I must store at the Wine Grotto?

There is a 6 month minimum term for wine storage.

Is there a minimum amount of wine that I can store?

We have wine lockers that will hold as few as 6 cases.

When are my wine storage fees due?

Rent is paid in full at the time the lease is signed.

Can I allow someone other than myself access to my locker?

Yes, we have a form that you can fill out allowing anyone that you authorize access to your locker. Separate fingerprint scans are required for each individual whom has access.

How do I get my wine in and out of your facility?

YWe provide carts to make getting your wine in and out of the facility as effortless as possible.

Is there a wine rack in my locker? Will your employees load my wine into my locker for me?

Our wine lockers all come furbished with robust metal shelves allowing standard case sizes to be stacked two high and two deep. To further help organize your locker, we offer custom designed wine tubes, which are available for lease, or purchase. These tubes allow you to individually stock your wine two bottles deep. Our tenants must place their own wine inside their lockers. Our employees are prohibited from handling your wine.

What if I run out of space in my locker?

Our units are sized and priced by cubic foot. Although case size varies depending on wine type, vintner and packaging, a case of California cabernet is approximately one cubic foot. A good rule is to assume 7-8 bottles per cubic foot of storage or .6 cases x cubic feet of locker. Therefore a 24 cubic foot locker should be expected to hold 15 cases. Take into consideration your expectations for increasing your collection.

How do I determine how much wine will fit into my locker?

Subject to availability, you can move up, down, or add additional units at any time. Our friendly wine storage consultants will make this an easy transition for you.

Is it easy to access my wine locker?

Yes. Our enhanced security system allows tenants access from 7:00a to 7:00p Monday- Saturday, and from 7:00a – 5:00p on Sunday. No need to wait for someone to allow you access or find they are out on a lunch break. We are closed on New Year's, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

How do I access my wine locker?

Each tenant is assigned an individual access code to gain entry onto the property. Once inside the facility, you will need to use our BioSrcypt fingerprint scan to enter The Wine Grotto.

Does the Wine Grotto accept deliveries?

Yes! We receive shipments of wine for our tenants daily. The shipment is received, logged in and then placed in a secure holding locker within The Wine Grotto. Our staff will then call you, or email you with a notification that your shipment has arrived. Deliveries are billed per delivery, or by the month, whichever is more cost efficient for you.

Do you insure my wine?

No, insurance is up to you. Most homeowner’s policies will cover your goods outside your home or you may need to add a rider specifically for your wine; call your agent for details. We do have a local Pasadena insurance company that offers reasonably priced private storage insurance.

Are there sensors checking temperature and humidity within your facility?

Yes! We use Dickson temperature and humidity sensors and graphs that are checked daily. We also do a walk thru of the Wine Grotto twice daily. Furthermore, our electrical system is designed such that we can hook up a back-up generator in the event of any extended power outage.

How safe is my wine in the event of an earthquake?

Nobody can guarantee that your wine will be safe when the “Big One” comes, but we expect that The Wine Grotto will weather earthquakes better than most. Remodeled in 2001, it offers greater protection than older buildings not engineered to more current seismic standards. In addition, the structure and shelving were specifically designed for the higher loads of wine storage.

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