Key Features

At The Wine Grotto we offer a host of features designed to enhance our customer experience. With a beautiful selection of wine accessories at our lowered rates, you will always find what you are looking for at prices you have grown to expect from The Wine Grotto. 

As well as supplies, we also proudly offer walk-in cellars, wine tasting rooms and state-of-the-art security systems which allow you the peace of mind in knowing your items are always safe.

Learn more about all we have to offer by viewing the key features of The Wine Grotto wine storage.

Wine Storage Pasadena Features

  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled
  • Building specifically designed for wine storage
  • 7-day/week access with longest hours of access.
  • Secure access - State of the Art Bioscript/fingerprint scan access system
  • Video Surveillance
  • Individual lockers and walk-in cellars
  • We will receive your wine shipments and notify you promptly when a delivery is accepted on your behalf
  • Wine accessories; totes; bags, boxes, and accessories sold
  • Shipping supplies available
  • Carts provided to make pick-up and delivery easy
  • Wine tasting room available
  • Credit Cards payments accepted.

The Wine Grotto in Pasadena offers features to suit your needs.