Storage tips at The Wine Grotto in Pasadena, California

Storage Tips

  • Always store your wine on its side or inverted. This is critical to keeping the cork moist and pliable. If the cork dries it will shrink, allowing oxygen into the bottle, spoiling your wine by oxidizing it.
  • Use a rack storage system. Even if you are acquiring specific wines by the case, as soon as you remove a few bottles the case is less stable for the remaining bottles. Also, cases stacked behind cases get forgotten and you are likely to miss the key drinking window for a particular wine.
  • Label the "X"and "Y"axis of your cellar or storage locker. This will allow you to easily locate your wine when used in conjunction with a management system.
  • Finding what you want, when you want it is simply a function of organization at the start. If you use a software such as CellarTracker you can organize in numerous ways, making your selection before visiting your storage. The following suggestion can be customized to your personal preference: color & type; varietal; Country & Region; Vinteer. You may choose to separate a select number of bottles by price or quality, whether they be lesser or greater quality.
  • Don't forget to drink it!
  • Use wine management software or at least an Excel worksheet. This should include all pertinent information for each bottle, but also where it is stored as noted above. Include in your information the expected peak drinking window so that you can pull wine before the downhill slide begins. Wine management software you may consider include the following, but the list is endless.